Take a deep dive into our exploration platform, Global Goals Lab. We showcase testbed projects, stories and voices of our passionate network related to the Global Goals on Sustainable Development.

We have gathered a global data driven network of engaged partners, cities, people, and innovators who share our passion for a collected data ecosystem. They stand with us and help us lead the way to realize the United Nation’s Global Goals for Sustainable Development which is a driving force for us. Global Goals Lab is powered by Quantified Planet.


Thanks to the support from Vinnova, Sweden's Innovation Agency, the Global Goals Lab is part of a testbed for Sweden on open real time data working toward Global Goal 11, Sustainable Cities and Communities. Companies, organizations, cities and researchers can design, protoype and monitor sensor applications with the aim to develop sustainable cities. We will soon post more information as the testbed develops.


As forerunners in their industries, our partners play a key role in supporting and achieving our common vision and they share their climate data on the Quantified Planet Dashboard. Our current partners include Husqvarna and Statens Fastighetsverk who contribute their resources and expertise. Interested in becoming a partner? Contact us.


We are preparing for a unique exhibit “Explore Global Goals for Sustainable Development”, an intersection of art, space and new tech on the island of Kastellet, Waxholm, Sweden, summer 2017. The exhibit will highlight applications of open real time data to achieve the Global Goals, in particular Sustainable Development Goal 11, Sustainable Cities and Communities. Swedish artists will give their interpretation of the Global Goals and there will be a special focus on inspiring young people and children to explore the Global Goals via virtual reality and by building sensors to collect city data.

We also want to shine a light on inspiring projects from around the world that take a closer look at issues such as open data, planetary health, sustainable and resilient thinking in our communities. Do you have a unique project or story that would give food for thought to our Global Goals Lab community? We want to hear from you!


How is Global Goals Lab involved in Testbed Sweden?

Global Goals Lab is part of a testbed for Sweden to facilitate a testing platform for companies, cities and researchers to design, prototype, implement and monitor sensor applications.

How is the Global Goals Lab connected with the United Nations Global Goals for Sustainable Development?

Global Goals Lab showcases projects and communities who are heroes in taking steps to fulfill the UN's Global Goals for Sustainable Development. We are the greatest supporter of the Goals and it is possible to take small steps to reach our common vision for our planet by 2030.

How do I join the Global Goals Lab community?

You first have to decide in what role you are contacting us, city? potential partner? developer who wants to contribute your talent, scientist with your super research or global citizen interested in supporting our data community? Get connected.

Who runs Global Goals Lab?

The non profit organisation, Quantified Planet, is the mother ship for Global Goals Lab. Quantified Planet is a data exploration dashboard to visualise all of the open real time data such as the quality of air, water, amount of air pressure, storm water, sound levels or the amount of green steps that are being collected around the world.

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The Global Goals Lab is the data innovation exploration platform managed and administered by the non profit organisation, Quantified Planet. We share the amazing and dedicated team of developers, internet of things researchers and overall passionate human beings who care about our planet. We are trying to connect the dots of how big real time open data can lead to new innovations but we can only do this with the help of our network of partners, cities, scientists and organisations.

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