Habitat III

The Global Goals Lab was honoured to have produced and presented Quantified Planet's technology along with key Swedish partners at the Swedish Pavilion during the United Nations Habitat III, held in Quito, Ecuador from October 15th - 21st!

Habitat III is the first United Nations global summit after the adoption of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the Sustainable Development Goals. It offers a unique opportunity to discuss the important challenge of how cities, towns, and villages are planned and managed, in order to fulfill their role as drivers of sustainable development, and how they can shape the implementation of the new global development goals and the Paris Agreement on climate change.

Featured Projects

We will regularily update this section with interesting projects from around the world that deal with Open Data, Planetary health, sustainable and resilient thinking. If you think your project merits a feature, feel free to get in touch!

  • Anthropocene Magazine

    At HabitatIII the Anthropocene magazine was launched, created by Future Earth. We are proud to be a partner in such an exciting initiative.

    Voices of the Favela

    Voices of the Favela - a groundbreaking VR film by Maria Schewenius from the Stockholm Resilience Centre, giving viewers an immersive insight into life on the edge in the Gereba favela, Fortaleza, northeastern Brazil.

    A tale of many cities

    Explore the spatio-temporal patterns of mobile phone activity in cities across the world. ManyCities is an intuitive and robust tool for exploring mobile phone traffic and patterns, mapped onto urban space.

Our Products

The purpose and key functionality of the Global Goals Lab is to enable individuals, organizations and cities to collect, share and analyze data. When today’s scattered data is made available in a consistent way, it lays the foundation for local engagement and stewardship, as well as enabling innovation.

The most obvious starting point for individuals are health applications in cities that individuals use on a daily basis when they walk, bike or run - using wearables such as Apple Watch, Fitbit or Fuelband. The Global Goals Lab platform will make it possible to share and view such health data in the context of other data in a city such as geographical data, air or weather data. Existing crowd sourced real-time data such as traffic, crime or other social data can easily also be included.

This makes it possible to link data from new sensors to other existing, known data sets, and track and visualize these results in a way that allows decision-makers to improve policy as well as to be a public motivator for change.

Quantify You

Quantify You is an iOS app currently in beta. The fundamental goal of the Quantify You app is to engage the greater public to start donating their data towards achieving the UN Global Goals. Quantify You allows you to see the data from your city and your planet.

QP Dashboard

The QP Dashboard is an innovative visualisation tool that currently aggregates data from five indicators from the QP Platform - Sound, Air Pollution, Green Steps, UV Light, Surface Water - to give the user/organisation/city/planet an overview of its health, and to be able to benchmark different areas against one another.

QP Platform

We are building a software platform for consolidating, coordinating and expanding the availability of open city data together with a interaction framework relies on mobile pop-up labs to provide hands-on learning experiences in sensor technology, software and presentations on the SDGs and data-driven development.

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How to get involved with GGL

Global Goals Lab for data innovation was launched in 2016. It on a 15-year mission to harness data and sensor technology to support the global goals. At the Global Goals Lab we want to create a movement to open up data and use it for the common good because increasingly, our own health, the health of our city and the health of our planet are connected. We want to use data to engage all stakeholders and create a partnerships to fulfil the Global Goals together.

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We are working with cities across the world to create custom action plans to help them engage their citizens for collective action, to track and share data openly to reach the UN Global Goals. See in realtime how your city is working towards the Global Goals.

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We are working with corporations and nonprofits across the world to create custom action plans to help them engage their employees for collective action, to track and share data openly to reach the UN Global Goals. See in real-time how your company and all it’s locations are working towards the Global Goals.

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